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Sociology and Anthropology Department

April 17, 2012
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As part of lecture series held by the Sociology and Anthropology Department, Lecturer in the Department, Dr. Zuhair Sabbagh, delivered a lecture on 22 February 2012. Dr. Sabbagh addressed the theme of his book titled, "Israeli Intellectuals and the Zionist State," published in 2011 by MADAR Center in Ramallah. The lecture was attended by a number of faculty members and students.


Dr. Sabbagh commenced by showing that intellectuals, in all societies, are not a social class as some Arab and foreign writers believe, but rather constitute a social group that includes segments of three social classes.

He highlighted main components of the book: the motives and rationale behind dealing with the topic, theoretical classification of intellectuals, and his main findings. He also explained with some detail the field survey that he carried out of a sample of Jewish-Israeli intellectuals and the obstacles that he faced in doing that.




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