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South Africa’s Ambassador Looks into Academic Cooperation

January 9, 2016
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Head of the Republic of South Africa’s representative office to the state of Palestine Ambassador Ashraf Youssef Suleiman met  with President Abdul Latif Abu Hijleh to discuss academic cooperation between Birzeit University and African universities and the latest developments in the African Studies Program.

Vice President for Development and Communication Ghassan Khatib and Director of Ibrahim Abu-Lughod Institute of International Studies Abdul-Karim al-Barghouthi, Abu Hijleh affirmed the importance of academic cooperation with African academic institutions, the last of which developed the African Studies Program through the University of Johannesburg.

Abu Hijleh said that the program is key because it allows Palestinians to benefit from the African liberation experience and adopt strategies that contributed to ending apartheid in South Africa.

Ambassador Suleiman restated the close ties between the two countries, saying that South Africa was and will continue to be a major supporter of Palestine’s state-building efforts.

He said South Africa plans to implement the agreement signed between Birzeit University and the University of Johannesburg to establish and develop an Arabic and Middle Eastern Studies program at Johannesburg University.

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