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Spanish Vice Consul, Birzeit President Discuss Academic Cooperation

September 29, 2014
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Public Relations Office - Birzeit University

The Spanish Vice Consul General Javier Pamondo visited Birzeit University on September 17, 2014 and met with its president Khalil Hindi, Vice President for Academic Affairs Henry Giacaman, Faculty of Arts Dean Mehdi Arar, External Academic Relations Officer Dolly Kaibni and the university’s Spanish language teacher. The two sides discussed prospects for joint cooperation between the university and the Spanish consulate.

Hindi briefed the guests on university programs and faculties, emphasizing the university’s interest in strengthening academic cooperation with European Union countries, especially key country Spain. Hindi added that the university has already signed several cooperation agreements with different Spanish universities, and looks forward to further cooperation, pointing out that the university is offering Spanish language courses, and seeks to open a Spanish language sub-specialty program.

The Spanish vice-consul commended the academic role played by Birzeit University, as one of the leading higher education institutions in Palestine, emphasizing his government’s interest in supporting the education sector in Palestine, especially in the area of Spanish language teaching.

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