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Students to Develop Cybersecurity System to Detect Online Rumors

June 21, 2016
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The growing dependence on the Web as a vital source of information and communication has become inevitable. However, online information is part of a larger system, with so many interconnected factors. It’s therefore difficult to fully monitor the spread of misinformation, or to identify this information originates.

A team of three computer science undergraduates- Israa’ Eleyan, Wafa’ Abu Makhou, Izdihar Shanineh realized the importance of looking beyond the specific medium and consider the surrounding setting in which misinformation is interpreted and might spread.  

A false information detector, specialized in verifying Arabic language online data is being developed by the three students. The detector works between social media networks and other online information resources. Written context will be automatically extracting linguistic features and evaluating them for patterns of suspicious or inconsistent information.

The project supervisors, Electrical and Computer Engineering professor Mohammed Hussein, and social media specialist Mahdi Washaha noted that the detector will allow individuals, companies, and other organizations to detect false information after retrieving the data and filtering the date, content semantics, user and content features. That, they said, will help them to figure out whether they are seeing only one side of a story—furthering both accuracy and reputation management specially for organizations.   

The students agreed that creating cyber security systems and virtual intelligence analysts is not easy. However they expressed their enthusiasm and determination to add a remarkable accomplishment to Birzeit and the technology sector in general.  

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