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Students Focus on Poisoning Prevention

March 22, 2016
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Students from the Faculty of Pharmacy, Nursing and Health professions at Birzeit University organized “A Poison Prevention Day” on March 21, 2016, to highlight the dangers of poisoning among people of all ages and to promote community involvement in poisoning prevention on a local and national level.

The event was part of International Poisoning Prevention Week. Awareness campaigns and other educational activities were organized to underscore the importance of learning how to prevent poisoning and its serious health effects.

"The lack of information and education often results in people ignoring or neglecting simple measures that could help to prevent the toxic effects of chemicals, said one of the event's organizers, Dina Daher. “The Palestinian Poison Control and Drug Information Center in Nablus has found that a large number of poisoning cases result from carelessness, negligence, and ignorance, all of which are avoidable."

"As graduates and future nutritionists," Daher continued, "it is our responsibility to highlight the dangers of poisoning, the steps that can be taken to prevent accidental poisoning, and tips for promoting community involvement in poison prevention. We need to be strong contributors to the wellbeing of our society.”

The Palestinian Poison Control and Drug Information Center (PCDIC) was established in 2006 to provide up-to-date information regarding medications and help in the early diagnosis and management of poisoning cases.

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