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Students Take Second in 2015 MENA Human Rights Moot Court

November 24, 2015
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Law and Public Administration Faculty students won second place in the 2015 Middle East and North Africa Human Rights moot court, a competition held at the Universite de Tunis el Manar and organized by the Swedish Raoul Wallenberg Institute for Human Rights and Humanitarian Law.

The team, led by law lecturer Renad Abdullah, included students Lana Khader and Lana Nadaf for the prosecution and Faiha Rimawi and Quasi Barghouthi as the defense team.

Birzeit University’s team was the only one to have both its prosecution and defense teams selected to compete in the semi-finals. However, only the defense managed qualified for the finals after winning the title of the best defense team in the entire competition. This win qualified Birzeit University to take second prize overall.

In addition to coming in second place, student Lana Khader won first place for best litigant, Qusai Barghouthi won second place and Lana Nadaf won third place. Moreover, Lana Khader and Lana Nadaf won the prize for the best written pleading. Students Qusai and Faiha Rimawi won the prize for the best written defense memorandum.

This prize is yet another achievement for the students of the Law and Public Administration department, the last of which was winning first place in the 2015 Arab Moot Court held in Qatar, along with the prize for the best litigant.

Students majoring in political sciences won two prizes for best representation in the Cairo International Model Arab League held at the Arab American University in Cairo and second place in the 2014 MENA Human Rights Moot Court held in Jordan. They also won a prize for the best prosecution, the best written pleading and defense memorandum, and best litigant.

The faculty also won the first prize in the 2015 Monroe E. Price Media Law moot court, a competition that was held in Cairo starting in 2008. It focuses on law and policies of comparative media and is organized by Oxford University.

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