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Swedish Minister for International Development Cooperation visits BZU - News

August 9, 2011
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The Swedish Minister for International Development Cooperation, Ms. Gunilla Carlsson, and her accompanying delegation visited Birzeit University on 21 June 2011. She met with BZU President, Dr. Khalil Hindi, some faculty members, and a number of students, and was briefed on the educational situation in Palestine in general, and BZU in particular.

Carlson expressed her pleasure with the visit to Palestine, and happiness to meet BZU students, noting that she has visited the university four years ago. Dr. Hindi valued the relationship between the two countries and the Swedish continued support to Palestine.

Carlsson commended the development and progress taking place in Palestine, and stressed that development is the right way for the establishment of the Palestinian state. She added that Sweden and the European Union will provide adequate support to return to the negotiating table, and will seek to establish a Palestinian state within the 1967 borders. She promised that Sweden will always be to by the Palestinian people until they achieve their freedom and independence, pointing out that Sweden annually donates to the Palestinian National Authority around US$ 100 million.


Carlsson said: "The achievement of economic development and activation of foreign investment requires unity between the West Bank, Gaza and East Jerusalem." She added: "I had much pain during my visit to Gaza Strip, where there isn’t drinking water, in addition to a great scarcity of resources, calling upon all officials to immediately and unconditionally open the crossings, in order to lift the siege on the people of Gaza."

The Swedish Minister hoped for the establishment of a Palestinian government of technocrats, laying the foundations of democracy and good governance in Palestine, wishing the Palestinian people freedom and dignity.


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