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Tabar and Al-Azzeh Publish “Palestinian Popular Resistance under Occupation”

February 27, 2014
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The Institute for Palestine Studies has published the book “Palestinian Popular Resistance under Occupation: A Critical and Analytical Reading,” written by Birzeit University faculty members Linda Tabar and Alaa’ Al-Azzeh.

The book, in Arabic, sheds light on the historical context that produced the Palestinian uprisings, and describes the material factors and relationships that contributed to forming those experiences. The book also illustrates the events and how they are related to realities on the ground and the prospects of reconsidering them and the cultural, social and political dimensions of national liberation.

Professor of anthropology Alaa’ Al-Azzeh said that the aim of this book is not only to present a socio-political explanation or interpretation, but also to provide an analytical reading of the recent past and present, raising the question of where Palestinians currently stand.

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