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UAE Red Crescent Donates Two Million Dollars

February 6, 2014
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Birzeit University thanked the UAE’s Red Crescent Society and HH Sheikh Hamdan bin Zayed Al Nahyan for donating two million dollars to enhance the university’s academic capabilities and contributing to solving the financial crisis faced by the university.

President Khalil Hindi expressed the university’s gratitude to the UAE and the Red Crescent. "We will allocate the funds for the modernization and rehabilitation of the Engineering and Science faculties’ laboratories,” he said, “as well as to upgrading the university’s computer network, which will eventually contribute to the development of academic processes at Birzeit University."

Hindi added,"Birzeit University hopes that this donation will encourage more local and overseas donors in their support, to secure the university’s independence and promote its role in education, research and community."

Birzeit University has faced a funding crisis that mirrors Palestinian society’s lack of economic growth and the funding crisis of the Palestinian Authority.

Advancement Office Director Manal Isa also said of the funding, “The UAE Red Crescent grant comes at a time that we are striving to support the university’s academic infrastructure as one of our top priorities.”

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