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Workshop Discusses Promoting Gender Equality in Palestinian Curricula

May 20, 2014
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The Birzeit University Media Development Center (MDC) and the Federation of NGOs for Development, in partnership with Rosa Luxemburg Foundation, organized a May 5, 2014 workshop entitled "Towards a media and public plan to promote equality in Palestinian curricula."

MDC Gender Unit coordinator Nahed Abu Taima emphasized the importance of formulating a media strategy to pressure the Ministry of Education into adopting curricula that includes the notion of gender equality.

Mohamed Barakat from the Federation of NGOs for Development introduced a study outlining how the curricula could be developed and authors Alya Alasali and Abdul Karim Ayoub presented a summary of the study.

Poet and educational scholar Waseem Kurdi, media expert Saida Hamad, politician Hisham Abu Ghosh, Rosa Luxemburg director Salam Hamdan, and Tamer Institute director Renad Qubaj gave presentations about the study and the possibility of using it as a reference to spread awareness of its concepts.

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