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Workshop on "Holistic Approach to Achieve Quality in Higher Education"

April 17, 2012
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In cooperation with the British Council, the Association of Arab Universities organized a workshop entitled "Holistic Approach to Achieve Quality in Higher Education" from 11-12 January 2012. Representing the Quality Assurance Unit at BZU, Nabil Dabdoub participated in the workshop held in Amman, Jordan, under the auspices of the Jordanian Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, Rowaida Al- Maa’ytah.



The workshop was attended by representatives of the Quality Assurance Units at Arab universities in Jordan, Kuwait, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Libya, Iraq, Yemen, Morocco, Sudan, Palestine, Lebanon, and Bahrain as well as a number of British experts in the field. The participants discussed ways to acquaint university administration and those in charge of quality management in universities and higher education institutions with the methodological approach to quality assurance in higher education. They also discussed opportunities and challenges pertinent to implementing quality assurance criteria in their institutions.

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