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Workshop Trains in Legal Assistance and International Judicial Cooperation

December 18, 2013
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Birzeit University Institute of Law organized on November 22, 2013 a training workshop on mutual legal assistance and international judicial cooperation.  The training is a component of the Anti-Corruption Capacity Building Assistance in Palestine Project, implemented in partnership and cooperation between the institute and the Palestinian Anti-Corruption Commission, High Judicial Council and Public Prosecution. The project is designed to support Palestinian anti-corruption actors and provide capacity building to relevant staff. The training session brought together 13 prosecutors and members of the Anti-Corruption Prosecution team.

The training was delivered over two days. Addressing mutual legal assistance, the first training day included a general introduction to relevant regional and international conventions and charters as well as domestic legislation. The session also covered conditions of judicial delegation committees, asset freezing mechanisms and processes, referral of evidence, and applications for access to information.


The second training day highlighted international judicial cooperation, including related international conventions, referral of the enforcement of court decisions, and referral of proceedings. The training also introduced tax conventions and a detailed presentation of extradition for criminal offences. On both training days, the theoretical discussion was underpinned by relevant, informative case studies and practical applications.

The Anti-Corruption Capacity Building Assistance in Palestine Project is being implemented from April through late December 2013. Tailored to promote accountability and fight corruption in Palestine, the project is part of a joint program of the United Nations Development Programme/Programme of Assistance to the Palestinian People (UNDP/PAPP) and EUPOL COPPS. 

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