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The Office of the Vice President of Community Outreach since its inception in 2005, works on the development of strategic plans and messages appropriate to the nature of the work of both Institutes and Centers at Birzeit University and to emphasis the specialty of each unit and to ensure the effective influence on the local community both inside and outside the university. The university is at the forefront of identifying the social, cultural, economic and political needs and dealing with it through applied research and analysis of data and documents. Currently there are five institutes and six centers, which aims not only to academic excellence, applied research and scientific research, but also for the development of society

Institutes and Centers

At Birzeit University, Institutes and research centers were established in response to specific needs within the Palestinian community. These Institutes and Centers facilitate community discussions on pertinent topics in their specific fields and conduct applied research, which is instrumental in the overall development of the Palestinian society, with a mission to expand scientific and social frontiers in these areas. This is achieved through training, workshops, professional skills development, and graduate studies

Mission: contribute to the development of the local community and meet the needs of renewable and broadcast creative innovative initiatives.
Vision: The vision of the institutes and centers at the university centered mainly on building a solid foundation for an advanced conscious society based on the foundations of national liberation and social justice by focusing on the local Palestinian community and community living outside Palestine.

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