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Community and Public Health

Master Program
120 JD

Master in Public Health

The Institute of Community and Public Health (ICPH) at Birzeit University currently offers the master’s degree program in Public Health as part of its overall aim of contributing to system building by upgrading and strengthening  the conceptual, methodological and practical capacity of Palestinian health professionals.

The main objectives of the program are to emphasize the understanding that health is a social construction,  linked to its broader social, political and economic determinants, and not only from the perspective of the biomedical framework, to highlight multi-sectoral collaboration and team work as  cornerstones of health system building to develop among students a foundation of common concepts and competencies necessary for rational and effective public health practice, and relevant to the needs and aspirations of the Palestinian community. And to equip students with the analytical and technical skills required to identify health related problems, design interventions to address these problems, and monitor and evaluate the results of these interventions.

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