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International Studies

Master Program
120 JD

MA Program

The IALIIS offers an interdisciplinary Master degree in International Studies, which is earned through the study of its four cognate fields of international history, politics, economics and law.

The degree program is an academically unified one, and it is also timely, targeting professionals and others interested in addressing Palestine's evolving relationship with the international system. This improves their individual perspectives and those of the nation that they are serving, enabling these individuals to pursue careers with a broader perspective, and a greater mastery of their working environment. Alternatively, graduates of the program are competitive candidates for PhD programs in a range of fields at universities abroad.

The program also provides students with the opportunity to pursue a concentration in Forced Migration and Refugee Studies (FMRS) designed to deepen students’ comparative understanding of major issues pertaining to the concentration’s focus. Such concentration is unique in Palestine and has few similar experiences in the Arab World.

For more about the concentration on FMRS, please visit the website of the Forced Migration and Refugee Unit. In 2011, a new Concentration in Diplomacy has been established at the MA program. 

For more about the MA program in International Studies, please visit the IALIIS main page.


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